Interviewing Professionally

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Designed for

HR specialists, line managers and other candidates (interviewees) involved in key work-related interviews (e.g. Assessment or Development Centres, recruitment interviews, appraisal, job mobility etc.).


The main aim of this course is to maximise the return on your investment in time and resources in the interviewing process. It explains how to prepare document and conduct interviews so as to identify the best candidates, exploring questions to ask as well as questions to avoid.
Exploring the pros and cons of behavioural, ‘Competency-Based’ interviewing techniques (CBI), it illustrates practical ways to identify and assess current and potential individual competencies such as team-orientation, problem-solving, leadership, decision-making, customer-orientation, entrepreneurship etc. It illustrates a systematic approach to interviewing that will minimise inconsistent, subjective assessments and will maximise the likelihood of selecting the right person for a particular role, be it office junior or senior manager.


1 day (individual or small team)

Typical contents

The course explores theoretical issues, but above all focuses on practical linguistic, intercultural and non-verbal communication techniques to enhance the efficacy of interviews. Examples, simulations and other in-class activities will enable participants to become consistently effective interviewers/interviewees.