Communication training


What our clients say about our communications training (published with their permission!)

“The information and tools provided by Voxcom is second to none. They have a staff that is willing to go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals. The methods provided by them will allow you to apply them immediately with instant results. It was a great learning experience that is priceless. I never lost interest in the exercises as I was having fun and being challenged all at once. You will truly get your money’s worth with Voxcom”.
Mr. AR, USA (After Sales Manager with world’s leading eyewear producer)

“Voxcom is top of class both in terms of service and in terms of results. They guarantee that the planned goals will be achieved, whether it’s more fluent and accurate conversational ability or presentation techniques or confidence in expressing oneself”.
Ms SB, Italy (HR Director of a leading industrial multinational)

“I recommend Voxcom not only for their top class courses (English and Professionally Speaking are my favourites) but also for their great ability to customize ad hoc training without compromising on quality and effectiveness. Give them a day, and you’ll get the max out of it. Give them a week, and they’ll manage to keep your attention high every single minute of that week. Great learning, great memories and a lot of fun”.
Mr. PM, Italy (Finance Director Southern Europe & Americas for a major food multinational)

“What makes them special is the continuous customization. It’s clear from the outset that there is method in the approach, but their great skill lies in the ability to interpret the needs and interests of the client and to tailor course contents. A small boutique”.
Mr. PD, USA (Executive Vice President HR North America for industrial multinational, global leader in its sector)

“Voxcom bring energy and fun to a topic that I never thought I would enjoy so much and the way that the Voxcom team engages the participants delivers results. This is an effective course, which in this day and age is a rare thing”.
Mr. RW, USA (APQP Program Manager with leading California-based eyewear producer)

“My personal experience of Voxcom has been extremely satisfying. Not only did I have the chance to improve my language, but I learnt a lot about communicating, public speaking and presenting. And I found very skilled and enthusiastic people ”.
Mr. LL, Italy (MD and Head of Advisory and Sales with a leading international investment bank)