Leading Professionally

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Designed for

Professionals who wish to render their communication more incisive, forceful and memorable. It is particularly suited to men and women who are making a move from middle management to key leadership roles.


Rather than seeking to address the vast theme of leadership as a whole, this course focuses specifically on communication as a fundamental leadership tool.
It draws on Voxcom’s KFD Principle© to analyse and understand exactly how great leaders get their messages across, providing a model that not only enhances the ability of leaders to communicate information concisely, incisively and effectively, but also to foster and maintain the emotional involvement of their teams. It proposes techniques for communication driven not only by contingent KPIs but, more importantly, by strategic vision and emotional intelligence.


2 days (individual or small team)

Typical contents

A cycle of observation, analysis and practice (including video-recording) will illustrate how successful leaders communicate. Course participants will learn how to apply verbal, visual and physical communication techniques to achieve their goals through influence and persuasion and not simply by virtue of their formal position of authority.