Course options

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We match our courses to the needs and levels of our students. To do this we provide a series of options, each with its own particular benefits and in the following languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Chinese and Russian.

> Flexible individual training

Planned from week to week to match the ever-changing commitments of professionals whose diaries rarely remain static for long. Where possible we recommend a minimum of two sessions per week.
Duration: 40 hours (or as required depending on level/goals)

> Intensive individual training

Ideal for those who need to make progress fast. We recommend study at our centre, to maximise the time available, and to minimise the inevitable interruptions that occur at the workplace. We do not have a standard format, for the simple reason that the intensity and duration of such courses are agreed case by case with the client.
Duration: 40 hours (4 to 8 hours daily)

> Ongoing group training

Effective for long-term training and designed to consolidate, maintain and develop language competencies. Typically two sessions per week, at your company premises. We recommend a maximum of 4 people per group.
Duration: 40 to 60 hours (or as required depending on level/goals)