The Pro-Visual Presenter

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Designed for

Professionals who wish to get the most out of the visual dimension of presenting, whilst still achieving an effective blend with the verbal and non-verbal dimensions.


To help you develop visual supports which act as accelerators of your key messages rather than brakes.
We will show you how to get the most out of visual communication to attract and retain the attention of your audiences while avoiding the risks of ‘info-overload’ and ‘data dumping’.


1 day (individual or Team of 2-4 people)

Typical contents

This is not a course in the mechanics of software such as PowerPoint™ and Keynote™ but rather a guide as to how you can make a more effective, less passive use of such tools.

By looking at numerous examples of best practice we will show you practical ways to enhance the visual impact of your presentations. In many cases we will also propose makeovers of slides submitted by course participants.