Speech and copy writing


Words that work for you

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Managers and professionals who need to make keynote speeches within and outside their company and companies who need to produce memorable corporate copy.


To support you in the drafting and delivery of speeches that will match and exceed the expectations of your audience.
This service builds on the specific experience that we have acquired over the years working with leading business people and political figures.

Typical contents

Words matter! After listening to you and analyzing your needs and objectives, we will work with you to frame and draft a speech or text that makes use of the most successful delivery techniques – those adopted by the most memorable speakers and writers.
If you are preparing a speech we will then help you to focus on the most appropriate style and vocal delivery for your particular needs and audience.
If you need to produce memorable copy for a press release, website posting or other company media, we will help you to come up with words that inform, attract and inspire.