Intercultural communication

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Designed for

Professionals who work within multi-cultural environments, not only in terms of geographical location but also in terms of the varying professional cultures that may exist within different parts of the same organization (e.g. in the wake of mergers and acquisitions).


To foster clear communication, to break down barriers, to build trust and to strengthen relationships between with and between co-workers and customers. In the case of expatriate assignments the course can also be tailored to help managers and their families in adjusting to new, often unfamiliar, life and working environments.


1 day (individual or small team). The course may be extended further according to candidate needs, location and professional roles.

Typical contents

The course focuses on understanding the nature of ‘culture’ in all its aspects, including a fuller understanding of the participant’s own cultural profile and perceptions and how these may converge, co-exist or collide with those of his/her interlocutors. It provides insights into intercultural issues such as perceptions of time, communication, power relationships and individualistic/collectivist behaviours, with a view to maximizing the effectiveness of multi-cultural teams.