Professionally Speaking

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Designed for

Professionals who wish to get their message across clearly, concisely and memorably during presentations, meetings or negotiations within and outside the company.


To help you become more incisive and memorable in your communication, developing a personal style that can be adapted appropriately to different audiences and interlocutors. You will learn how to blend the verbal, non-verbal and visual dimensions of communication to best effect and will explore the impact of the invisible ‘4th dimension’ – culture. You will shift the emphasis towards you as the key driver in interpersonal communication and will learn how to make a more effective, less passive use of tools such as PowerPoint.


2 days (individual or Team of 2-4 people)

Typical contents

Further to a detailed analysis of your specific experiences and current/future needs, we will construct a training path that marries practical techniques for improvement to essential theoretical considerations. We will focus on linguistic and meta-linguistic features and their relationship to contents and content delivery. The course makes considerable use of your own material and features an extensive use of audio-video recording and a significant input of simulation and role-playing.